Our vision

Preservation is Key!

On the surface, yes we are preserving products to be used for multiple seasons, but its more than that to us here at Bleu Barn Pantry. We are working to preserve our farms in the area by communicating with the farmers to know what they have surplus crops of and paying them for these things instead of it going to waste. We are working within our community preserve the culture that is present. We want to preserve this earth so that our children’s children have a green planet to enjoy. We actively make business decisions that have positive impacts throughout the community. We know that it is tough to do, but this is something that is meaningful to our company and we don’t mind the hard work because we know in the end, it will pay off. I hope you enjoy our product and help us continue our vision of preserving our earth. 


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Our story

Bleu Barn Pantry is the child of Bleu Barn Bistro food truck and catering company. On the food truck, we have always made all of our jams, preserves, sauces, and pickles in house and our customers have noticed. They were so good, that a couple times, our customers would ask to buy them in bulk so they could go home and try to recreate the grilled cheese that they just had. This gave us the idea to start up Bleu Barn Pantry. 

Time and time again, our farmers would come up to us at the end of a season with a ton of extra crops and no outlet to move the vegetables and fruit. We would always gladly accept this fruit and happy to support our farmers. Can you imagine all the different recipes that we came up with after Barbee farms gifted us 70 POUNDS of rhubarb? That is a lot of rhubarb. This allowed us to come up with a lot of different varieties of jams, jellies, sauces, chutneys, pickles, etc while using the same fruit or vegetable as the main component. We use these types of opportunities to create and experiment.